Exploring the trends of eCommerce websites design

Times are changing faster than ever thanks to modern technology. If you want to stay on top you have to follow these changes and find a way to implement them in your business operations. One of the things that you should take care of is to learn more about the eCommerce websites design trends. It’s unacceptable to have an old-fashioned, slow and unattractive website in 2018. That’s why you should check these trends and implement them on your eCommerce website.  Simply follow this short list that we have prepared for you and notice the difference.

Material design concept

This is a specific concept that comes as a result of years of debates over the appearance and substance of web pages. Designers and web developers have concluded that the most successful websites have the right amount of written content and images. Using too much from any of these elements will make the website less attractive. As we all know, modern online users have a very low attention span and that’s why you have to do your best to keep them on your website. Use stylish, lively and functional design to achieve this goal.

Quick delivery and free shipping

This may sound more like a business advice in general than a design trend, but the truth is that there are many sites that are not taking good care of these questions. The truth is that you have to highlight these offers in case your business provides them. Use separate icons on every page and make sure that these offers and features are visible.


There are millions of websites on the World Wide Web. If you want to make a unique website and make sure that the website stays unique, you must take care of the small details too. Typography may seem like something that an average user can’t see, but you are wrong. It’s the small details that make a website unique. Use fonts and sizes that are not used by most websites to make your website stand out.

Hover effects

Do you remember the times when our computers were slowed down when we were opening sites with special effects? Well, modern computers and Internet speed have changed. An ordinary user can afford to open a site with hover effects without worrying about their online experience. Use these hover effects to grab the attention of all your visitors.