Top Websites Builder Choices

Almost every business owner knows that it’s very difficult to grow and expand your business without a modern website. Yet, many of them are left without websites because they think that building a site for their business is an expensive venture. This belief might have been right two decades ago, but things have changed. Today, you can use some of the many top websites builder options to create user-friendly, completely functional, modern website. So, there is no need to learn coding or to hire a professional designer to get the job done for you. Obviously, there are some website builders that are much better than the others and we will reveal some of them in this blog post.


One of the unique things about Weebly is that this is an open-source website builder. It provides domain registration, web hosting, and eCommerce features. So, you can use it to build an online store, but you can also use it to create a website used for non-commercial purposes. We really like the fact that it has a drag and drop system which has proven to be highly effective. Those of you planning on launching an eCommerce website will be thrilled to hear that Weebly provides seamless PayPal integration.


This website builder comes from Germany. Jimdo allows users to create websites in a few different languages. This builder works perfectly on mobile devices and doesn’t come with any restrictions regarding a number of pages. Although 500 MB space may sound little, it’s actually enough to build a decent website. Surprisingly, Jimdo is offering SSL protection for free. There is a disadvantage though – free websites can’t be indexed by popular search engines like Google and Yahoo.


Webstarts comes with a long list of attractive templates. It relies on a drag and drop tool for easier web building activities. During the process, you can check a live version of your website seen through the eyes of visitors. This is a great feature that helps users avoid mistakes.

IM Creator

IM Creator is a tool that has helped thousands of people create websites. There is more than one good reason why people like this builder. For example, it has a user-friendly interface. Next, it provides access to many images and templates that you can use for free. In addition, IM Creator provides unlimited domain and web hosting services.